Mazingira Safi

Green Energy

Mazingira Safi

Kenya is highly vulnerable to climate change, and intensifying climate change impacts pose mounting challenges to the progress the country has made and to livelihoods of vulnerable populations.

Indeed, majority of the population is very dependent on climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, water, energy, tourism and wildlife, and health. The impact of climate change therefore increases the vulnerability of the people, the economy and environment to extreme weather events, such as droughts and floods whose occurrence is now more frequent.

And although Kenya has Kenya has made progress in mainstreaming adaptation at the national level through its National Adaptation Plan, as well as at the county level with support from its Council of Governors (CoG) and county governments, Kenya is among the countries most vulnerable countries to climate change impacts and is one of the least prepared to manage climate risks. 

KLM strives to champion climate change policy, legal and advocacy instruments to strengthen the mainstreaming of climate adaptation into sustainable development planning for the prosperity of the country.