Afya Bora


Afya Bora

The COVID-19 crisis has drawn attention to the already overburdened public health systems in Kenya, and to the challenges faced in recruiting, deploying, retaining and protecting sufficient well-trained, supported and motivated health workers. 

It has created unprecedented disruption for the healthcare industry, forcing hospitals, organisations fighting infectious diseases, healthcare workers, social services and more to think about alternative ways of delivering medical services while adapting to the new environment.

It has also highlighted the strong need for sustainable investment in health systems, including in the health workforce, and for decent working conditions, training and equipment, especially in relation to personal protective equipment and occupational safety.

More fundamentally, the pandemic has revealed that healthcare can’t be privatized and governments role in provision this public good cant be emphasised. 

KLM is committed that all citizens of the nation should have available acceptable public health services, without discrimination, and to push for health reforms to create a minimum national health standard to be set by the state and other national institutions.