2022 Elections


2022 Elections

The time for a transformational, pro-people alternative political leadership in Kenya has come. A narrow, extractive political elite has dominated government and state power since independence, but they have underdeveloped our country, including under-developing of all public goods. We do not want the reforms of these political elites. We want to take over power from them so that we can carry out the full implementation of the Constitution of Kenya and other radical reforms in the public interest.

Representatives of the People

KLM plans to field candidates for all elective seats all over Kenya to compete in the next general elections (2022 or earlier) and be elected as representatives of the sovereign people of Kenya, pursuant to the provisions relating to elections set out in the Constitution of Kenya. The suitable applicants shall be nominated to compete as candidates for the following delegated positions:

  1. The President of Kenya and Deputy President
  2. Member of the Senate
  3. Member of the National Assembly
  4. Women Representative
  5. Governor and Deputy Governor
  6. Member of County Assembly


  1. Obedience, faithfulness, respect and upholding of the Constitution of Kenya
  2. Transformative, democratic and pro-people leadership
  3. Good governance, trustworthy with public money and exercise of fiduciary responsibility
  4. Adherence to the rule of law
  5. Believes in devolution and the need to advance it
  6. Respect to and promotion of public participation

Personal Attributes for the Task

The suitable candidates shall have the following attributes

  1. Is a citizen of Kenya
  2. Is 18 years and above
  3. Satisfies the provisions of Chapter 6  of the Constitution of Kenya and specifically
    1. Article 75 (1) – Relating to public and private conduct
    2. Article 76 2 (a) – Relating to having a bank account outside Kenya
  4. Has no history of  having benefited from the proceeds of corruption 
  5. Is not suspected of corruption whether by association or conduct
  6. Fulfils the requirement of any law relating to elections presently in force in Kenya
  7. Has not been convicted of a criminal offence (except in the case of malicious prosecution by state agencies for pro-reform advocacy)
  8. Is a people servant
  9. Has no history of sexism, ethnic bigotry and associated backwardness


  1. Cover letter (not more than 1 A4 page)
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Proof of defence of human rights and democracy
  4. Reference/endorsement letters from at least 100 Kenyans of good standing in your community and willing to contacted for further details if needed


If qualified and interested to work with us and other Kenyans on this, send your application including a cover letter illustrating your suitability and confirming your availability and willingness to serve, curriculum vitae and other requisite documents.

Send to:

The Organising Committee

Kongamano La Mageuzi (KLM)
P. O Box 1128 (00606), Nairobi.
Email: kongomanolamageuzi@gmail.com

The application should be received by Noon on 12th December 2020

Only shortlisted applicants shall be contacted.