These Unprecedented Times Call for Business Unusual

These Unprecedented Times Call for Business Unusual

These are unprecedented times. Never in our recent history, have we not had an opposition party or group to check the excesses of the Executive. Even during the dark days of the single-party rule of the Moi dictatorship, voices of dissent still existed, despite the constant danger of imprisonment, torture and assassination. This is the spirit that led us to fight to end the single-party rule. It is the spirit that led us to fight for constitutional reforms and the spirit that guided our fight for electoral justice in 2007, 2013 and 2017 at huge costs. 

But since the infamous “handshake” of March 2019, the opposition has been completely neutered. ODM gave Uhuru Kenyatta the legitimacy he craved following his illegitimate 2017 election. In return for legitimizing Jubilee’s rule, ODM has been turned into the ruling party’s lapdog, barking more loudly in defence of the excesses of the regime, than ruling party operatives. Even on issues at the core of ODM’s support base such as devolution, anti-corruption, gender equality and the protection of the environment, the party has swiftly turned against them. 

It is in this political vacuum that the Executive has shown us the true colors and intentions of the Jubilee regime. Theft of public resources has scaled to unprecedented levels. Debt has skyrocketed. The Constitution has been trampled on with Court orders being ignored. The Judiciary has been decimated and “revisited”. Our freedom of association and speech is under assault, with mainstream media and bloggers bearing the brunt. The militarization of civilian institutions continues unabated. Our trees are being felled every day to build an expressway Kenyans don’t care about and don’t need. And in the midst of all these failures is the COVID-19 pandemic whose full economic impacts are yet to play out, including the impact of looting of funds allocated for its mitigation.

It is this context that has given birth to Kongamano La Mageuzi (KLM): The realisation that there is no credible opposition party to check the Executive, and that our appeals to the ruling elite to show leadership have failed. The acceptance that as Kenyans, we are on our own. That if we do not organize ourselves to take back our country, the ruling elite will lead us to Armageddon. This is the singular purpose for this broad initiative of Kenyans rallying together and organizing towards a transformative alternative political leadership and governance.  Kenyans are tired of being pigeon-holed in the binary politics of the barons of either being a “hustler” or a “dynasty”; a “kieleweke” or a “tanga tanga”. We are better than that and are capable of organizing ourselves beyond these binary narratives. We have choices, we don’t have to be stuck to siding with the “lesser evil”. There is no lesser evil among the feuding or collaborating baronial networks. 

KLM is an idea, a connector and catalyst for, and of progressive organizations, social movements, political parties, people’s formations, and individuals committed and loyal to the objective of removing from power the extractive ruling elite. Our goal is to form a pro-people Government of Kenya in 2022 or earlier. KLM is is multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-gendered, multi-regional, multi-religious, and multi-generational movement which aims to contest political power and liberate the Kenyan State and all its institutions from the extractive, destructive political and business elite. 

KLM is to here to provide the sorely needed leadership and to ensure the total liberation of our country.  We invite all Kenyans of goodwill to join us in this endeavor to free our only homeland from the grip of the barons in power.  

Mwalimu Mutemi wa Kiama
Founder Member, Kongamano La Mageuzi