Resolutions of the First National Kongamano of the KLM Movement 12 – 13 December 2020

Resolutions of the First National Kongamano of the KLM Movement 12 – 13 December 2020


The 1st National Kongamano of the Kongamano la Mageuzi movement was convened on the 12th and 13th of December 2020 under the theme “ Rising from the Ashes of Betrayal: From Victims to Citizens”  – hence presenting cadres in our movement an opportunity for introspection on the values, reasons and objectives of our movement and our shared dreams for the future of our motherland, Kenya. 


In asserting our sovereignty as citizens of Kenya, our natural rights in defense of our freedoms and in the ongoing struggle to protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya;

In honoring the struggles of our forebears in defense of these natural rights, freedoms and obligations conferred as citizens of the Republic of Kenya by our Constitution;

In reminding those individuals to whom the 48 million Kenyans have delegated  their exercise of democratic power, that the people of Kenya have always risen up and asserted their sovereign will, despite the country’s leadership’s disregard of this solemn responsibility and their disregard for the rule of law; 

In exercising our sovereign will as citizens of Kenya we resolve that: 

  1. We assemble pursuant to our Constitutional rights and freedoms; and representing but not limited to diverse individual pursuations, political parties and movements, grassroots organisations, civil society groups, religious communities, professional associations  and trade unions, legitimate business people and entrepreneurs, student and other youth movements, in common opposition to the affront on the sovereign will of the citizens of Kenya and the Constitution of Kenya; and with the intent to reassert by all means necessary within the bounds of our natural rights as human beings and our rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution as citizens of the Republic of Kenya;
  1. We reject all and any illegitimate attempts to subvert the Constitution of Kenya and the sovereign will of its citizens, including through the illegal Building Bridges Initiative;  
  1. We endorse a common Interim Charter that lays out our ideological basis and objects of reason that we intend to continue to progressively refine through comments and recommendations made at this Kongamano and through public participation and engagement at the grassroots level;
  1. We commit to developing a progressive Manifesto and Program of Action to transform the economic, social and political landscape in Kenya; 
  1. We identify with the collective social, economic and political struggles of the mwanainchi who have suffered from the misrule of successive neo colonial governments that have betrayed the aspirations of the Kenyan people;
  1. We associate with kindred social justice movements in Africa and globally
  1. We adopt a united and democratic political platform for nomination of candidates for Presidential, Parliamentary and County elections under the KLM United Front;
  1. We recommend as a national priority and as collective solutions to the perennial challenges bedevilling  Kenya the full implementation of ;  
    1.   The Constitution of Kenya of 2010
    2.   The Recommendations of the Kriegler Report of 2008
    3.  The Report of the Kenya National Dialogue Conference: Building a  Progressive Kenya of 2011
    4.   The Report of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Report of 2011
    5.  The Report of the Illegal and Irregular Allocation of Public Land of 2004
    6.  The Report of the Judicial Commission Appointed to Inquire into  Tribal Clashes in Kenya of 1999, the Waki Report of 2008
    7.  The Report on the National Taskforce on Police Reforms and the Report of The Commission of Inquiry into the Educational System in Kenya of 1999                                                                                 
  1. We form ourselves as a coalition of willing Kenyans, organized as citizen initiatives and entities; in pursuit of common political objectives defined in our interim collective Charter, Manifesto and these Resolutions;
  1. We invite like-minded individuals, political parties, grassroots organisations, civil society groups, religious communities, political formations, professional associations, trade unions, special interest groups not limited to youth, persons with disabilities, women, pastoralists and other marginalized groups; to join our movement as equal comrades in the struggle for the new Kenya We Want; 
  1. We commit to engage together in good will, patriotism and in common interest under our various declarations and instruments;
  1. We endorse our Interim Coalition Organs in preparation for transformational change; and entrust the Interim Steering Committee of KLM to finalize the mechanisms for their set-up and inauguration at the 2nd Kongamano; 
  1. We commit to upholding the rule of law in strict adherence to constitutional and legally mandated timelines, principles and prescriptions for contesting elections in Kenya;
  1. We recognize that the foregoing Resolutions, our Charter, our Structures and our Manifesto are progressive documents and positions that require the input, refinement and opinions of the mwananchi and our diverse coalition partners.

Resolved on this day of the 13th of December 2020 

Kongamano la Mageuzi