End Baronial Politics

Bring an end to the baronial elite and their politics of self-interest, divisiveness, tribalism, entitlement, greed and corruption

Economic and social freedom

Fight to realise the right to healthcare, housing, food, water, education, security, affordable transport and social security as stipulated in Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya

Implement the Constitution

We strive for the full implementation of the 2010 Constitution because it puts ‘we the people” at the centre of development

About Kongamano La Mapinduzi

Kongamano la Mapinduzi (KLM) is a coalition of diverse Kenyans within struggles for civil, political, social, cultural, economic and ecological justice and freedoms who identify with the need and urgency for a radical transformation of Kenya’s political leadership and governance. This struggle is for all those seeking to weaken, destroy, remove and replace the anti-people elite networks in power that want to enslave the Kenyan people. 

Kongamano la Mageuzi


We are connecting, supporting and mobilising around the country like-minded organisations, activists and groups to build a new political society.

Why Kongamano La Mapinduzi

The time for a transformational, pro-people alternative political leadership in Kenya has come. A narrow, extractive political elite has dominated government and state power since independence, and they have underdeveloped our country, including the under-developing of all public goods. We do not want the reforms of these political elites. We want to take over power from them so that we can carry out the full implementation of the Constitution of Kenya and other reforms in the public interest. Mageuzi yazae Mapinduzi!


The 2010 constitution is already showing promise towards the radical change of the country. Devolution, in particular, where it has been operationalised and upheld has birthed great fruit and prosperity. 

We The People

KLM has faith in the transformative agenda of the people. When they have been put at the centre of governance radical change happens in their communities.


narrow extractive political elite has dominated government and state power since independence. They have underdeveloped our country and today they are waging an anti-reformist battle against the people.

Alternative leadership

A “messianic” approach to leadership, littered with betrayal has been at the centre since independence. KLM advocates a shift from a “messianic” to “collective” leadership. The emphasis is on a leadership team rather than one heroic individual.